Perfect Resume – Writing the Ultimate Resume

Perfect Resume – Writing the Ultimate Resume

Article by Ran Shauber

Writing the ultimate resume is easy when you know what your strong points are. How you highlight them and make them a little more attractive is the challenge. Resume builders will help you a lot in the format as you will only have to fill in the blanks.

Before writing your resume, you have to decide on which resume format is best for you. It could be functional, combination, chronological or mini resume. All of which have specific focus to make your resume strong and highlight your best points. The functional resume make your skills and experience the focal point, the chronological resume lists your work history starting with the most recent, the combination starts with your skills and experiences first followed by your work history, while the mini resume is a brief synopsis of your qualifications.

After you have identified the best format for you, we can now move on with the actual writing. First, you should know that the employer doesn

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